An algorithm is a set of procedures used to solve a problem or perform computational tasks. Essentially, algorithms are utilized in nearly every piece of technological code. Let's delve deeper into this concept of algorithms.


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What is an Algorithm?

An algorithm is a set of procedures used to solve a problem or perform computational tasks.

Algorithms are commonly used in the IT world, particularly in applications or software. While algorithms may seem highly complex, they can actually range from simple to complex, depending on the scalability of a technology.

When dissected deeply, an algorithm is essentially a set of mathematical calculations tailored to business needs. Common uses of algorithms in technology include:


2. GPS

3. Search Engines

4. Music recommendations from music streaming services (like Spotify)

5. Content recommendations on social media

And more.

Why Are Algorithms Needed in Technology?

Creating algorithms isn't easy; they can be highly complex. However, for software or technology, algorithms can be a solution for several reasons:

1. Algorithms are needed to efficiently solve complex problems.

2. Algorithms help automate processes quickly, efficiently, and easily.

3. Algorithms aid in completing tasks that may be impossible for humans.

4. Algorithms can serve as a unique selling point for a business, as they can be a business secret.

Characteristics of Algorithms

Algorithms are not just about code; they possess unique characteristics that enable them to perform computations effectively. Here are the key characteristics of algorithms:

1. Clarity

Algorithms must be clear and unambiguous; each step or code must have a clear purpose.

2. Limitation (Finite-ness)

Algorithms must be limited and stop after achieving the predetermined goal.

3. Feasibility

Algorithms must be simple, general, and practical so they can be executed with available resources.

4. Effectiveness

Algorithms must use simple concepts, be easily understood, and be executable even without using technology, allowing anyone to calculate them.

5. Well-Defined Input and Output

The input and output produced by an algorithm must be clearly defined, with no ambiguity.

6. Specific Language

Designed algorithms should not rely on a particular language, so they are simply instructions or guides that can be implemented in any language.

Types of Algorithms

Algorithms have types that describe how the logic behind them works. Here are the types of algorithms:

1. Brute Force Algorithm

A brute force algorithm is a type of algorithm that approaches the problem directly, attempting all possible ways to solve it. This is the most basic characteristic.

2. Recursive Algorithm

A recursive algorithm is a type of algorithm based on the recursive technique, where the problem is solved by breaking it down into subproblems of the same type and repeating the process until the problem is solved.

3. Randomized Algorithm

A randomized algorithm is a type of algorithm that determines the expected outcome based on random numbers, providing direct solutions by choosing random numbers.

4. Sorting Algorithm

A sorting algorithm is a type of algorithm used to arrange data, whether in ascending or descending order. This type can also be utilized to organize data more efficiently.

5. Searching Algorithm

A searching algorithm is a type of algorithm used to search for a particular item or keyword within a dataset.

6. Hashing Algorithm

A hashing algorithm is a type of algorithm similar in function to searching, but based on an ID or key-value pair.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Algorithms

Advantages of Algorithms:

1. Algorithms provide effective solutions and streamline technological processes.

2. Algorithms are not tied to any specific language, so as long as someone understands the logic behind them, they can work on them too.

Disadvantages of Algorithms:

1. Creating algorithms requires a considerable amount of time and resources.

2. A deep understanding of algorithm logic and how it works is necessary.

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Blog by Avryanz Azell, 13 January 2024

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