HTML - Hypertext Markup Language

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a global standard markup language used to create a website.


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What is HTML?

HTML is often referred to as a programming language, but there is much debate over whether HTML is a programming language due to its functional limitations; essentially, this markup language is used solely to structure a website.

HTML has other uses that may not be widely known:

  1. Web Development: HTML is used to structure and create content for a website.
  2. Navigation between links: HTML allows the insertion of Hyperlinks, aiding navigation between websites or anything on the internet.
  3. Web Documentation: This HTML function makes web documentation easier because HTML can be crafted to serve as a document for storing your documentation.

Anatomy and Structure of HTML

Anatomy and Structure of website

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The basic structure of HTML that you'll find on every website generally consists of:

  1. Declaration Tag <!DOCTYPE html>
  2. HTML Tag <html>
  3. Head Tag <head>
  4. Title Tag <title>
  5. Body Tag <body>
  6. Heading Tag <H1 - H6>
  7. Paragraph Tag <p>

Semantic HTML Page

Non semantic Vs semantic Structure


Semantic markup, also known as semantic HTML, involves using HTML tags to convey the meaning or semantics of the content contained within it.

When you include Semantic HTML tags on your page, you provide additional information that explains the function and significance of various parts on your page.

Why is semantics necessary? Semantics defines the meaning of the content contained within it, for example, tags like <Header>, <Article>, and <Footer> already clearly indicate the content of the HTML.


contoh heading HTML


Headings are an important structure in HTML used as titles or subtitles for the content of a website. In HTML, headings come in 6 types, H1 - H6, where the higher the number, the smaller the font size of the text.

So, do you now have a bit of understanding about HTML?

Blog by Avryanz Azell, 15 January 2024

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