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A website application (web app) is a website created with functionality and complexity to fulfill specific purposes. Often, many people cannot distinguish between a website and a web app; let's find the answer here.

website application

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What is a Website Application?

A website application (web app) is a website created with functionality and complexity to fulfill specific purposes.

A web app serves different functions and purposes compared to a typical website. While a regular website's primary goal is to provide information, serve as a marketing tool, etc., a web app has specific and diverse objectives, such as online selling, business management, attendance tracking, etc.

Distinguishing Web Apps and Websites

website vs website application


Differentiating between web apps and websites is relatively easy. If the site allows actions only clicking, scrolling, and contains a significant amount of informational text, it's a regular website. However, if a website can perform complex tasks like data storage, automatic calculations, and more, it's a web application.

Advantages of Having a Web App

1.Easy Access

With a web app, you don't need to download anything or set up servers for data storage. You can access a web app by simply opening a browser like Chrome or any other similar browser. Data can also be stored in the cloud.

2. More Efficient Development Process

Due to the development process being web-based, development becomes simpler and more efficient. Additionally, creating a web app doesn't require a lot of human resources, which ultimately saves costs.

3. High Scalability

Using a web app allows you to adjust to user needs without the need for expensive infrastructure or hardware additions. Furthermore, most data is stored in the cloud, meaning your business doesn't need to invest in expensive on-premise servers.

Common Examples of Website Applications

1. Calculator

A calculator may seem trivial, but it's the simplest example of a web app and can be considered an application because it involves processes.

2. E-commerce

E-commerce platforms are easily found on search engines. These web apps are designed for online selling. Common functionalities include product displays, carts, and payment methods.

3. Webmail

One of the most well-known webmail services is Gmail. The purpose of this web app is to send emails.

4. Collaborative Work Websites

In today's era, collaborative work is often done online. Instead of traditional tools like MS Word, we now use web app collaboration tools like Google Docs or similar ones, which serve the same general purpose. The difference lies in the availability of numerous add-ons that support work.

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Blog by Avryanz Azell, 11 January 2024

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